Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick update on Mr. Van's kidneys

We had two appointments this week. On Tuesday, Sullivan had an ultra sound performed on his kidneys (rough trip to Mayo, in light of our aforementioned state of sickness!).

On Wednesday, Scott went to meet with Dr. Kramer to get the results. Van's kidney's are not worse and no better than before. This means that we will just continue to have them checked in on by ultra sound every 6 months. In the meantime, we will be on the look-out for UTIs - fevers and smelly pee - which he is prone to have. No biggy! So, the response will continue to be NO SURGERY as long as the scans show no worsening signs.


We are happy. Of course, we kind of retain that hope that the problem will eventually correct itself - the narrowed uriter, that is, will grow to become un-narrow - (the BEST case scenereo) but we're happy with keeping a close eye on it too!


Tiffany McCallen said...

Hey Tricia: I think my nephew, Brendan, has this exact same condition. He ended up having surgery when he was little—3 or 4, I believe. But it was simple, and he came out of it with flying colors. Since then, they just keep an eye on his kidney to make sure it's processing urine fast enough that Brendan doesn't get sick (the result of which ends up in him throwing up), and so far, he seems to be avoiding most of that. There is a possibility of needing further surgery someday, but you'd never know he had a condition to look at him. He's a happy, healthy, rambunctious kid who plays a million sports and wrestles with his brothers and has a killer smile. :)

Dawn said...

Tricia- my son Seth has the same condition (found in utero). He is 12 now and has never had a UTI, and we have just followed up with annual ultrasounds to monitor his kidney. His last one was last week and the urologist told me that it has almost completely corrected itself and we don't even need to follow up anymore. Just thought this would give you peace of mind.