Thursday, December 17, 2009

Under the Weather

The title could be taken in two senses: We literally have been under the influence of snow and the cold temperatures in the past week here in Rochester. We figuratively have all been infected by a yucky bug which swept through our house starting Friday night.

Starting to resurface.


As a result:
*Christmas Cards NOT happening before Christmas
*Our whole family might be packing DIRTY clothes to take to Florida next week, since there are no clean ones in this house at the moment (MAJOR BACK UP)
*Our voice mail machine was so filled with unanswered voice mails that it ran out of tape (sorry, friends!)
*The friends we have lined up for dinner Sat and Sun night may have to forgive the dust balls and massive stacks of random stuff that have cropped up EVERYWHERE.
*** ON A SERIOUS NOTE*** I am reminded of just how grateful we should all be for the basic expectation of feeling "well." Wow, that's a good thing. Right?

Thanks for laughing with me. I promise, this isn't a "woe is us" entry. Just having fun.

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