Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jackson's 3 year celebration

I'm quite behind on the following Memorial Day weekend pics. Dad, Nancye, and Justin visited for the weekend and we had a BLAST. Great weather, great food, great birthday celebrations. Good time was had by all. Thanks for making the trip, gang!
Jackson, the birthday boy, and his ice cream cake topped with tea lights (sometimes you just gotta be resourceful!) Jackson found the cake to be too cold, after a few bites. Sullivan did NOT.
Good family pictures are nearly impossible these days!

Dinner OUT!
We got a sitter and had an adult-only outing... thanks Dad and Nancye!

Dad and Nancye

Justin and me right before dinner

Papa John and Nanny's gift to J for his 3 year bday was a swing in the front lawn - he was SO excited! This and the next pic is the installation process... I'll give you one guess who the money was in the tree (my dad is infamous for being higher than he should be without proper precautions)

One of out many meals scrunched around the eat-in kitchen table!

Jackson's bike... gift from Gma Lynette, Poppy, and us. We made an event of all going to the store to retrieve it. Jackson was PSYCHED (and subsequently, petrified - the training wheels allow a bit of a "give" and he's still getting used to that jiggle!)

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