Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was out mowing one night last week while Scott was out of town. The kids had gone to bed and I decided it would be OK to leave the kiddos inside alone (presumably SLEEPING) as long as I scheduled some checkpoints throughout the mow. Jackson's window faces the front and he can operate the blinds from his bed, so - considering his obsession /fear with/of lawnmowers, I figured he would be supervising my front-lawn-mowing.

I had lots of waves and shout-outs during the first half of the mow from J. As promised, I came inside two more times (it takes a LONG time to mow our yard!) to assess if there were any screaming children.

Nope. All clear.

Don't you know, when I headed in the final time (mowing done, weed eating done, gutters put back in place, even some mulching and weed-plucking done... the whole works!!!), I was greeted with terrifying screams from J's bedroom. When I entered, Jackson was compromised by the curtain and rod. He had clearly been messing around with the blinds, curtain, and overhead lamp - not to mention using random hair ties (I let him take them with him for a nap once long ago and they must've been hanging out under the sheets) to string around the rod. He was scared silly that it had collapsed upon him.

Pictured is the "damage."

Needless to say, we had a LONG talk :) I couldn't stay frustrated too long, because I had to take these pictures to record his 3-year-old mischief in action!

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