Sunday, October 24, 2010

Better Now

Whew, am I glad for a week of nothing new. When I look back at the previous month or so, there were new bugs hitting my windshield from moment to moment. I didn't realize until this past week how much my spirit needed to find solice in a BASIC week with no new stimulus or information. No fires to put out. No news to keep up on. Everyone in my life was stable, including (towards the end of the week) ME!


khisgen said...

Trish...Patsy told me she loves your I just found it from your facebook page. Good place to keep up with your life! I just wanted you to know that you are so on my heart and I send a big hug and lots of love to you and all your family and my Uncle Bert! You are so amazing and I wanted to let you know that!
Proud to be your cousin!
Love Katie xoxo

Lepus said...

Sending so much love your way, its ridiculous.