Monday, October 4, 2010

"Don't let the bugs eat you."

This past weekend I was in Louisville with both kids. Cousin Jessica was assisting Jackson get to bed one night (we stayed overnight at the McClain home). She laid down with him till he passed out. Later, she reported that she had casually said, "Jackson don't let the bed bugs bite." To which he responded: "Don't let the bugs eat you." That's another way of saying it.

I haven't used the blog avenue to report in about my Dad's health situation, but I am going to paste an update below from a recent email sent out. Background for those who may not know: Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the Friday of Labor Day weekend. The tumor is inoperable, due to its complexity and proximity to a major artery. Therefore, we are remaining hopeful that Dad's life can be extended and fully lived for as long as possible. With that, the following is the most recent:

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