Sunday, February 27, 2011

Promise to self

I will start blogging, I will start blogging, I will start blogging.

I so love it. And yet it has definitely been on the back burner as of late.


Here's the recent conclusion I've drawn about life...

We humans all have chronic cases of amnesia.

It's so true. I feel like I go through stuff. I learn. I evolve. I become enlightened in certain areas.

Wait a couple years, or maybe a couple months... and I land on my tail again looking for the same answers or conclusions I've already found/drawn! I LEARNED THAT LESSON ALREADY, LADY! Why can't I REMEMBER? Why can't I apply all the wisdom I've already attained?!

Huh? huh? huh? (Does anyone else think of Ellen's voice from Finding Nemo's "Dori" ?)

Actually, good insert Tricia. We're all DORIs! We all have short term memory loss when we face tough stuff. It's like recreating the wheel, even though we're in the year 2011 and the neandrothal version of ourselves ALREADY DISCOVERED the wheel.

What makes me go on this tangent? I will tell you.


Buy one, write in it, then read it later. It's my memory for my amnesia-riddled self. When I'm stuck, I will reread. Then, I remember I was stuck before - in ironically similar scenerios. The formulas for success, the lessons learned, the answers to my troubles are all found in my JOURNALS! Hip Hip Hooray!

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