Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sullivan turns 2!!!

You might be wondering if there's truly snow in the background. The answer is YES. And we got a slew more on Wednesday!
Sullivan turned 2 on March 20th. We kept it a low-key affair: just us family hanging at the house with Gma Lynette in town too! It became even MORE low-key when the home-cooked meal I had planned went ary and I declared, moments before supper-time, that we'd be having pizza instead.

At least the cake was yummy!

Fun "parking garage" from Mama and Dada. It's a hit!
Fun T-ball set from Aunt Jo and Uncle D. As you can tell, he's all about it. Ready to take it outside soon!

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bb mcclain said...

Two already!

I was wondering what you were cooking and how you flubbed it up?