Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We are in an eye-rubbing phase at the moment. Seems like J is always messing with his eyes... even when he's smiling and posing for a picture. We are seeing an opthomologist next week to look into it. Scott's comment: "The only thing that could possibly make Jackson cuter will be Jackson with glasses." I suppose I bias-ly agree!
OK, you must know that Sullivan smiles A LOT. He's a very lovey and smiley guy. But I swear to you, I cannot find but a handful of pictures of Sullivan accomplishing the following two tasks at the same time: 1) LOOKing at the camera and 2) SMILING. I was so happy to catch this one day, albeit filled with marker and snot. I am just noticing how his eyes sort of droop at the corners at this stage. Cute!

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