Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Neighborhood Progressive Easter Egg Hunt
Jackson's green egg

Sullivan's (cracked) pink egg

Boys RUNNING down a hill (one of their FAVORITE pastimes). Two seconds later there were major grass stains to tend to!


Cloud-gazing with one of the most cuddly two-year-olds on this planet!

I rest my case... ALWAYS kissing!

We opted this year to have a relaxed, laidback, leisurely immediate-family Easter weekend. No big plans. No big occasions. Just us'ens. I was a touch nervous I'd regret not having a local family adopt us (like last year). Although that scenerio is beautiful too, I am happy to say that we Arthurs know how to have fun all by ourselves! As you can see from above, we decorated easter eggs, planned and enjoyed a neighborhood progressive easter egg hunt (4 back yards and 8 kids!), enjoyed a really nice early worship service, dug into baskets loaded with goodies, and went to the local nature center and hiked/biked amongst the budding trees (stopping occasionally to blow bubbles and look at the clowds!). Finally (DRUM ROLL!), we are preparing, as I type, a delicious all-out Easter meal to be enjoyed tonight.

What I have taken away from this Easter: that life and love will ALWAYS defeat darkness and evil!


Joy Strancar said...

LOVE your family photo!! It looks like you had a fun day :) Alan and I met Scott's Mom at church on Easter. What a nice service!
I hope you are all doing well. We think of you often!

bb mcclain said...

We wish we could've crashed you'uns easter day. Little ones can make fun out of the simplest things. Remember rolling downhill and getting dizzy?

Those boys are too cute!