Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sullivan's journal entry today

It is common knowledge that I am a journaler... LOVE it. I have too many, I know. One for mom, one for each of the three kids, now one for dad. I go in spells. And, I sheepishly admit that Sullivan's journal contains far fewer entries than did Jackson's when Jackson was two yrs and three weeks old. But, what ya gonna do? So - onto today's entry: Title: Top 5 things Sullivan would take if he were forced to be a recluse on a island 1) Shoes (multiple pair, if they could still be considered a single item) - he begs to have them put on, even indoors. He has particular ones he likes better than others and moans when we disagree with his choices and actually try to match his shoes with his outfit. When he had his tubes put in his ears, he was - understandably - nervous about the whole thing. So, he was edgy and clingy as we waited in the prep room. But when the nurse tried putting him in those infamous hospital slipper socks... IT WAS OVER. He lost it. So, back on his favorite tennis shoes went. It was a reasonable cave, and one the hospital personel were willing to work with. Off he went down the hall on that hospital bed stripped down to a gown and his tennis shoes. I will never forget that image! 2) Toothpaste. The kid wants to brush his teeth on the hour... on the minute, if we'd let him. I'm not sure what the max amount of flouride a kid is supposed to stay under per day, but I feel we most certainly exceed it with Sullivan. I dread when we go near the bathroom, because it marks the beginning of a few-minute ordeal every time. Goes like this: Sullivan finds his toothbrush and the paste in his toothbrush basket (maybe I ought to hide it ??). He then thrusts them in my direction with his favorite one syllable grunt. I explain to him that it is not time to brush his teeth and to put his items away. He proceeds to suck on the toothpaste dispenser, hoping some remnants of the sweet-tasting bubble gum flavor will grant his tastebuds satisfaction. He could stay in there for a few hours, just sucking the thing. 3) His blanket. Oh, the dang thing is a MUST for any comfort. We had two at one time (small little square lovies), but then a trip to the zoo marked the end of one of them. It was a sad day, because I have increased my anxiety about ending up desperately blanketless by 50%. 4) Fruit snacks. I mean, really. Who doesn't love them? They are potty-training bribery for Jackson. But I got lazy about sneaking them to J when he landed a #1 or #2 in the camode and before long it was a joint reward. When Jackson did his thing, Sullivan was granted a fruit snack too. Now that he knows their source, he just stands with one hand up, rocking back and forth (and grunting with the aforementioned grunt, of course) with his eyes dead set on the stinkin glass container. As I type this entry, I am begining to realize that hiding out of view might be the solution to all of my grunting problems??? Anyway, fruit snacks are now Van's reward for finishing dinner. He gets his that way. Funny how he will NOT partake in any of the rich, chocolaty favorite of J, Scott, or me. He's a candy/sweeties kind of guy, not a chocolate kind of guy. 5) His brother. Anyone who has ever had a big brother must have identified with the infatuating Sullivan has for Jackson at one point or another. So cute. I don't know exactly how to capture the adoration so I will remember it.

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