Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Cheer!!!

You thought it was safe to bind up all your holiday update letters and do whatever it is you do with them (shred? save? laminate?), didn’t ya? Here’s a straggler: The Arthur Family NEW YEAR letter. It’s long… cuz there’s so much news, and we felt this was the best way to do it. So, get comfy and dig in!


So, out with it:

We are moving to Columbus, OH! *For Scott’s new position as Vice President of Major Gifts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (formerly Columbus Children’s). * Interview process began in August, but kept it quiet until we knew for sure (Dec 16th)! * Scott begins Feb. 6, family to follow soon after.* House for sale here and on the hunt for a new one in Columbus.


We are pregnant! * Due August 3 * Just finishing first, very unlike-any-other, trimester (same: tired. different: sick and moody… oh, and two other sidekick kids that still have needs! Ha!) * Totally excited and convinced we have a girl in our future:)


TRICIA: I think I might go nuts. No, to be fair, I feel sane a little over half the time, so that’s good! :) Lots of detail management ahead for me, and I know you all know that that is not my greatest strength. If you have access to a detail management consultant who will work for free, give them my digits. I am so excited to be pregnant and so pumped to be moving closer to family and dear friends. Once we sell our house and find a fitting one for our family – which ultimately WILL happen – I will see our future more clearly. It’s feeling a little fuzzy at the moment! One step at a time.

As I look back, I went through a serious learning curve about myself in the first half of the year; after Dad died, I did a lot of reflecting and working on my emotional wholeness. I feel recovered and replenished! Summer was slow and wonderful, with lots of camps and activities for the kids and lots of hanging around Rochester. We spent our traditional week in Columbus and Logan, Ohio as well as Louisville, KY to spend time with family. I opted not to teach this Fall, which lifted all former time constraints and, consequently, has allowed for more freedom. I am happy about this, but sad on some days not to assist twelve-year-olds in their quest to find themselves :) Then, our family topped off the year with Christmas with my extended family in sunny Sarasota, FL (mid 80s for 8 days!), two nights of which were spent on Sanibel Island resorting it up while fam watched the boys. We had just cleaned and decluttered and painted like mad-people in order to have our house ready to put on the market before we left MN for FL, so going to warm temps with people doing stuff for me felt dang good. Thank you, family, for that!
Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my awesome husband who I felt sure might want to move to Columbus by himself after the last 12 weeks with me. He has been pulling far more than his load around here, and I am deeply appreciative.

SCOTT: Obviously, this year has been a big one for soul searching. Scott has had amazing experiences at The Mayo Clinic, growing him into the development professional he is now and preparing him for an opportunity to take on more of a leadership and management role, which is what his new position includes. He is ecstatic, scared, and eager. As most of you know, Nationwide Children’s is where our Duncan was treated with such love and care for the nearly 5 months of his life. So, clearly, it holds a special place in Scott’s heart, and he spoke openly of this emotional connection during his interviews. He can’t help but feel serendipity was involved in how the past several months have worked out.

Outside work, Scott continued to pursue his triathlon endeavors. He competed in two this summer – bettering his time and improving in each of the disciplines – as well as a half marathon in the spring (where he almost kept up with Tricia J, I won’t let him beat me in that discipline). He traveled all over the country for work, but his favorite work trip was to San Francisco in July, when he brought me along and showed me the sights. Another fav trip involved 5 buddies from his former days, downtown Chicago, and St. Patrick’s Day Weekend; you can only imagine.

But, by far, Scott’s biggest highlight in 2011 was when we went from a one-car family to a one-car-one-minivan family in May. “Roxy the (VW) Routan” is deeply loved (and deeply trashed) by Scott and fellow Arthurs. Not only has this provided Scott with access to a car for getting to and from work (previously he walked or hitched a ride with wife), he gets to watch me haul all sorts of little people around for play dates and such. Oh, and he LOVES how fast Roxy munches on gas.

SULLIVAN: I like marbles. I carry them. I put them in hard-to-reach places and then make Mom dig them out. I put them in a bowl and roll them around. It doesn’t matter what I do with them. I just like them. I also love snacks, particularly crackers. “Cracker” is my favorite word. I love my brother, “Jack.” If Jackson were to run outside in subzero temps naked, I would too. That’s how much I worship him. Mom and Dad kept me caged in my silly old crib until Santa finally remedied the situation and brought a bunk bed. I get the bottom bunk and I LOVE all that freedom! It took awhile for me to stop singing and talking with Jackson, right above me, at bedtime but I think I have it figured out. I’ve come to understand that I was meant to be a fish. I walk into the zero depth pool and just keep on going till the water is over my head… doesn’t bother me none. My favorite is jumping off the edge, over and over. And over. People seem to notice lately how big my hair is. My head is big enough, but all that God-given body and fluffiness makes my noggin look massive. I’m talking better, too. I’m stringing a good few words together these days. It still is a lot of work for me to get out what I want to say, and sometimes – I admit – I grunt or whine instead… but I’m on my way. I have great teachers who work with me a couple times a month, and a fun little preschool class one day a week, where Mom and “Jack” get to come too. And have I let you know what a cuddly little creature I am? I could just lay on Dad on a Saturday morning in bed forever. Newsflash: Dad is a cuddler, too, so he lets me.

JACKSON: Announcement: I think I might be somewhat of an athlete, people. Indoor soccer this year has been a kick. It only took a couple lessons for Dad to realize I was scoring most of the goals. It’s cool and all, but really I don’t pay much attention. There’s this cute little 4 year old girl that cheers me on when I’m playing and mainly I like the praise (Mom and Dad say I am a typical 1st born). Basketball, tennis, and gymnastics are other favs. People say I’m “coordinated,” but Mom gets glassy-eyed at my speed; I think she sees me as a no-ball athlete...just running shoes and a watch. Really, the thing I like the best about my life is being a big brother. Sullivan is just great. I don’t know what it is, but even though I have ZERO patience with myself (can’t get sweatshirt off: meltdown, can’t find the socks I wanted to put on today: meltdown, toothpaste not coming out right: meltdown), I have a crazy amount of patience with Sully. He just melts my heart, and I’d do anything to help him out. My teachers at preschool say I’m quiet and keep a lot of my thoughts inside. At home I show my family a different side, just to mix things up. I ask Mom about 54 times a day if I have a playdate set up for that day, or the next, or the next. One day she’s going to give me the phone and let me set it all up myself, cuz sometimes she seems worn out by my asking. I also ask my parents a lot about this baby business. I’m pretty psyched all around!

Lilly: In with a new baby, out with me. Mom and Dad found this random lady who expressed she would like me last month. And the next thing I know, I’m shipping out. Goodbye, Arthurs! Here’s to a year of more petting and litter-box-cleaning.

In closing, we want to say thanks to everyone who has the patience and the energy to follow this “Arthur Adventure” we’re on. Our Rochester friends have welcomed us Ohioans into their lives, fed us, watched our kids, invited us to their holidays and special traditions, and made us feel like family. We feel very grateful about how much of a blessing and an enrichment the past 3 ½ years here have been. Thanks, also – Ohio people – for being excited for us. We look forward to finding out how God wants us plugged into our next season of life!

Joy and love,
The Arthurs

P.S. So far, cells and contact info is the same! Will be sure to update when we know changes!


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Congrats on the new job and baby! Best wishes in 2012!

Mike said...

Congratulations!! Sounds like you have an exciting 2012 ahead of you! Best of luck.


Tiffany McCallen said...

What wonderful news, Tricia! Such a big year for the Arthur Family. Welcome back to Ohio!

Kristen Mantovani said...

Welcome back to Ohio Arthur family and congrats on your new addition!!