Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here in one piece, and our stuff too!

Ahhhhhh, Columbus, it's so good to be in your presence again.

We hit your pavement last Wednesday night at about 10:30pm. And moved into 1565 Grenoble Rd, Upper Arlington at 8:00am Thursday morning. We're officially back!

But, ughhhhhhh, does it feel like cheating on Rochester. Rochester was so warm (emotionally, not meteorologically), loving, family-oriented, unique, and fabulous. We are already missing our people there. And our favorite things there.

Speaking of things: Ours got here, with no bumps and bruises! Scott gives updates a couple times a day... "So, I'm guessing we're about 24% unpacked." "I'd say no we're 45% unpacked." "Would you say we're 75% of the way there?" You'd think he's a development officer and goal-oriented or something :)

Meanwhile, Jackson attended Day #1 of preschool today (smooth transition... that boy loves having "stuff" to attend. teacher said, "it was like he's been here the whole school year." highlight for him: pizza for lunch!). Sullivan has found his tongue in Ohio (actually, he's been picking up some great language in recent months, but it seems like an even bigger explosion happened here in the past few days!). He and I have splendid conversations while unpacking :)

Grandma Lynette has hung out with us already and Grandpa Ricci and Grandma Diane come Friday for some quality time. I [heart] grandparents nearby!!!

Scott's first week is proving to be informational and great. He spent Mon and Tues at an orientation (for all new Nationwide employees). And today he gets to hang in his office. And get the lay of the land. He comes home both energized AND exhausted. He's doing great.

More to come!!!

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