Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday, bats, and bugs

Ahhh, what a perfect Spring day. For many reasons, it is perfect. My dear husband entered into this world 35 years ago. THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO! Thank goodness he did. On top of celebrating his existence, we got a picture-perfect weather forcast: 75 and sunny with no humidity. GORGEOUS.

After work, we headed straight into dinner. I labored really hard at providing something scrumptious: Drove right on down the road to Donato's. :) Scott has missed it for our near-four-years in MN, so I treat him to it any chance we get. We brought along his chocolate birthday cake (which the workers really appreciated; not only did they have sauce and parmesan cheese sprinkled throughout the booth, they were faced with chocolate crumbs and smears, too!) and the boys helped him blow out his 8 candles (3 plus 5, or else I'd go over my candle budget).

Later on this evening after boys in bed, I santered off into the neighborhood for a little walk. Saw my first bat of the season. And my first lightning bug, too. How could this day be better???

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Mary Hill said...

Was thinking about you two recently & what you meant to my kiddos when they were in mid/sr high. Best wishes to you & Happy Birthday to Scott!

Mary Hill (Emily & Evan Tuttle's mom) :)