Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jackson is 5, Tricia is 32 weeks, and Scott owns a tux!

 I know it doesn't look like much, but beneath that "5" candle is a scumptious Jackson-selected blueberry doughnut. We gathered at the zoo with some fav friends and celebrated with a breakfast treat! Thanks, GGs and Becky for contributing to the boys' birthday gifts in the form of a family zoo pass. LOVE IT ALREADY!
 Just a few days before his official Bday on June 2... loved this smile!
 I'm pretty sure Sullivan ate a baker's dozen powdered doughnuts at the zoo shindig. It was like his crack cocaine...
 Kevin and Scott, who faithfully strolled several of the kids through the zoo's primate area single-handedly, take a breather.
There are the peeps! What a lucky boy to have such loving friends! Sullivan is celebrating that this picture was the last (and best) of about 20 we took :) (Thank you to dear friend Theresa for being the photographer!)

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