Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some visuals of our Winter...

First off, let me say that Colorado Winters are not what the average person's notion is of Winter - like, at all. People here tell me that this particular Winter has had spells of warmth that are warmer than normal (NO COMPLAINTS HERE), so I will try not to judge all future Colorado Winters by this one. But, SERIOUSLY, it's been awesome. Here's what I mean: We get snow, yes, but once the dump is over and the sun returns to its fixed place in the sky (a mile closer to me than in other places), it goes back to FEELING like not-winter. Sure, the snow is around... the ice hangs out a bit...slush requires boots... but other winter paraphernalia  is truly unnecessary. It can FEEL like Spring, even when the temps don't look it. Just because of that fantastic sun. People wear sweatshirts and call it good. I swear 35 degrees here feels like 55 in Ohio. I swear it. But then... when we actually are GETTING 55 here. In. The. Dead. Of. Winter... Bust out the flip flops! 

When I got on the blog today, it was with the intention of posting pictures only... But then when I typed in "some visuals of Winter" as the subject, I felt it necessary to qualify it. And now that I have just written the above paragraph bleeding with my infatuation with and gratefulness for my first mild winter in CO, I now realize what a punk my midwestern peeps must believe me to be (particularly after a rough patch involving cancelled school for way sub-zero temps there). Forgive, but in this case, dear friends, the grass is most definitely greener in these parts. :) Hang on, Ohioans, Minnesotans, and even Kentuckians... Spring is truly a coming...

 Daddy and the eldest of the clan getting the driveway in good shape
 Sullivan and Anderson, on President's Day, dining in a bunk bed fort for lunch. We only found ONE stray macncheese noodle that night at bedtime. :)
 Look at who came to visit!!! Rachel Jacobs, with whom I have forged my longest-ever friendship (let's put it this way: Rachel and I became friends at 6 - about the age Jackson is in this photo!), assisted me through this past snowy weekend while Scott was out of town. We didn't get out much: Hence the cooking pic above and craft pic below. :) She taught us all how to make Spaghetti Squash!
 Working on the craft projects Rachel brought boys
 Anderson's new smile is reminiscent of that of a piglet. Sullivan is one handsome guy. And Jackson was uninterested in appearing happy.
 Look at this little treasure stash! A couple weeks ago a MASSIVE box arrived (like 40 POUNDS massive) at my front door... It was a "baby -shower-in-a-box" from my Minnesota ladies. Filled with both newbie girl stuff and treasures from the collections of their own growing kids, I had a BALL unwrapping it all! Thanks, girls! You better believe I felt like one special mama!
 Valentines Day morning... In my household growing up, V-tines Day didn't get much fanfare. But the one little tradition my mom was sure to make happen was HEART SHAPED PANCAKES. I hadn't realized that previous V-day mornings had made an impact... but Jackson raced down the stairs that morning and asked, "Are we making heart pancakes?" 
Making our Vtines Cards... a several-step process this year that I can assure you will reduce down to the one step of STORE BUYING THEM next yr. :) Fun stuff, though. We forced spaghetti noodles in the shape of a heart, painted and decorated them, then hand-wrote: "You are IM-PASTA-BLE not to like." It took my grown-adult husband several seconds to register the play on words. I think it may have been COMPLETELY lost upon Sullivan and Jackson's k-garten/1st grade counterparts. At least WE thought they were clever.

In baby news, I finally can answer with dignity when grocery-store strangers ask, "Any day now, huh?" - under a month and that counts as any-day in my book. Prior to the 36 week (aka ONE MONTH LEFT) juncture a few days ago, I was repeatedly (and sweetly) reminded how pregnant I look. At the gala Scott and I attended a month ago (so- count them - that means I had TWO months to go) - where there were several medical professionals in attendance, I think the obstetric representation had their gloves tucked in an easy-access spot in their tuxes/gowns once they saw me in attendance, CLEARLY ready to catch. In all fairness, that dress DID make me look bigger than I was. But still, I think my rather short torso and 5 ft. 3/4 inch height make it hard NOT to see JUST BABY when being looked at. And, for those of you who do not already know this, I am pretty comfortable with... maybe even welcoming of... attention.

Gala pics:

Just had my 36 week appt yesterday and am... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... 1 CM dilated!!! Which, most of us know, Means. Absolutely. Nothing.  March 23rd is fine by me. Campbell Joy can bake all the way up to her due date. But. Not. One. Day. Longer.

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