Saturday, July 14, 2007


Scott returned home from Children's last night a little after midnight. They admitted Duncan and he is currently on C5, the cardiac step-down unit where he had spent his final few days before coming home before. A glimpse of humor in the midst of this frustration: when the cardiologist from the ER (where we had been instructed to bring Duncan in last night) called up to C5 to let the staff know Duncan Arthur would be brought there shortly, he told Scott, "C5 nurses usually do NOT get excited when we admit a patient there from the emergency room, but when I told them it was Duncan Arthur, they all got very excited. I don't know what you guys did." Well, WE didn't do anything... it's Duncan who is the hero. They just love his disposition and think he's adorable. In fact, when he left last Saturday I think they were actually sad to see him go.

No changes to what I wrote last night. There still is no reasonable explanation for the blood in his stool. He has had 3 bowel movements since the one we discovered and there has still been a trace of blood (although it seems to be getting smaller). The GI surgeon took a look at him overnight and "liked what he saw." His condition, tests, bloodwork are all good. Apparently, Duncan has them stumped. I will let you know when I do.

One last thing: Please be in prayer for the Maher family. They were pregnant the same time I was. And their little baby was diagnosed with HLHS in utero as well. Aiden, their son, was born early June. I had spoken with Kelly (Mom) once before we both gave birth to support each other about HLHS. They live out of town and I had been following their blog. Aiden passsed away on July 10. The funeral service is today. Aiden had been doing so very well at home and there were no warning signs. Obviously, I am deeply saddened for their family.

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Theresa said...

Scott and Tricia, you and your boys are in my prayers. Scott, remember me, Ruby and Cameron's daughter Theresa, from New Albany? Tricia, I haven't had the honor of meeting you personally, but Lynette has kept my mom and me up-to-date on the twins' progress, and I know there are many prayers going up for all of you.