Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Chariot

Naveen kangarooing Jackson while I kangaroo Duncan
Naveen and Kristin riding caboose in the van
The Family!
Duncan was having some adorable awake moments!

Our dear friends Naveen and Kristin came into town from Michigan, their new home, for an overnight. After dinner we all crawled into Tipsy the Town and Country for a family field trip to Graeters. The boys' FIRST ICE CREAM OUTING!

The two other occasions to be out and about with BOTH boys were their pediatrician appointment and to Panera Bread with Papa John and Grandma Lynette. But this was the first time the van was filled to its maximum capacity! We also got a chance to put BOTH boys in the twin stroller (front to back). We got a bit of attention!

Also, I need to give kudos to my husband for giving me both a night out and the following morning of extra sleep. I went to a teacher friend's wedding Friday night (Congrats Kate and Chris!) while Scott was alone with Duncan and Jackson. Then, Saturday morning he let me sleep in while he tended to the boys. I was in sleep withdrawal. Do these boys have a good father or what?


Lepus said...

Now THAT is a Party Van!
Hope things are well,
Christine B.

Jeremy and Kristin said...

You let Naveen hold your children???? What kind of parents are you??? Just kidding!!