Monday, July 23, 2007

A Wild Weekend

What a wacky weekend! It started with Duncan's arrival home on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning I went on my first post-twin run.. YIPPEE! I lasted about 18 minutes before my legs screamed, "WOMAN, what do you expect to get out of me after 10 months of pregnancy/bed rest/lack of sleep?!??!" Scott bragged that it was the first time he out-ran me. But at least I'm trying! The jogging stroller is not suitable for the babies to be run with until they are 6 months (but we still use it every night for walking!). So, Scott and I took our little jog while Aunt Jo was with the guys.

The O's from Phoenix arrived in the early afternoon and we caught up for awhie before getting ready and heading out to out good friend, BJ's, wedding. He and Christy looked handsome/beautiful! Scott and I enjoyed an evening OUT on the town while Aunt Jo and Grandma Lynette stayed behind with the Duncan and Jackson. It was refreshing to be with good friends for a fun night. Uncle Darrell and Stacia arrived that night from Sarasota to reunite with Aunt Jo, who had been here for a week (did I mention what an angel she's been?).
Sunday brought a great morning of visiting with the Hills (Aunt Jo ,Uncle Darrell and Stacia), the O's from Phoenix and Jeremy Lahman. We had a quality brunch, then went for an equally quality walk on the bike path and to the Park of Roses (beautiful!). Duncan and Jackson enjoyed being passed from person to person, cooperating wonderfully with their sweet dispositions. Then, the Hills left for Louisville later in the afternoon - headed for Louisville. Duncan and Jackson were in a state of confusion when Aunt Jo stepped out the door. They immediately began hollering. They miss her already!
Today Angel Kathy Dunkin took the boys on a long walk and Fairy Godmother KK hung out for lunch and brownies. A wonderful day! Scott and I are a bit tired from night time feedings, but hanging in there pretty well. Scott is the trooper, working full time after the crazy nights.
Can you believe the boys are almost two months old? YIKES?! I keep waiting for a socially-stimulated smile. We get A LOT of intoxicated-looking smiles in their sleep and randomly. But it doesn't matter if they are looking at their sweet parents' faces or thin air. We can't wait for them to grin in response to US!
Until next time...

Cousin Stacia using her maternal instincts
A match made in heaven - Aunt Jo & Jackson
The ladies at BJ and Christy's wedding - myself, Sara, and Kristin

The guys - John Scott, Jeremy O, and Jeremy L.

Our little brunch - notice the Lahmans' baby, Avery!

Morning play in their crib... Fairy Godmother Beth, look at those sweet pea outfits!

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