Thursday, July 26, 2007

A day out!

this was a very sweet moment...both on their bellies... and both AWAKE (hard to come by)
Take a close look at these outfits!

(Duncan doesn't look to pleased to "be with" his brother)
Daddy and Duncan have a special bond

What a lucky girl I am. Today Katie came for her first long day with the boys and I GOT OUT! I had a wedding gift to buy, grocery shopping to do, banking to do, and mulch to purchase. It felt good to: #1) Be alone, #2) Take my time, and #3) Be in public. Might I add that it also felt pretty good to direct the dude at the hardware store to my van to help me load it up with mulch... is it possible to allow a Town and Country to make you feel "macho?"

Truly, I have been fortunate, in general, with outings. Between the volunteers who have helped to watch the boys, Aunt Jo, and Lynette, I have felt in the land of the living since Mom-hood. I keep thanking my lucky stars that these boys' first few months of life fall in the summer months. Makes it much easier to get out of the home.

In other news, the Hills and Dad helped me to begin taking my back yard a little more seriously. Their aid, along with the example of my neighbors - the Cabots - have encouraged creation of a nice little habitat. Dad helped me pick out a nice birdfeeder. Uncle Darrell, Stacia, and Aunt Jo rearranged a couple items (picnic table and planter table) to form a nicer space. I have a feeling Duncan, Jackson, and I will be spending more quality time out there. It's still a work in progress, but we're getting there.

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swim lovee x3 said...

jackson and duncan are officially the cutest babies i have ever seen. miss you guyss.
♥jessica leighh