Friday, July 20, 2007

My favorite beverage

All evidence seems to suggest that it was indeed an allergic reaction to the protein in cow's milk that resulted in Duncan's bloody stool last Friday. This past week has been an interesting medical journey - with the GI doctors and pediatric surgeons consulting Duncan's cardiologists (and each set of doctors rotating so different philosophies kept entering the picture), it was a circus trying to get to the bottom of the problem. The three areas of specialty met on several occasions and talked/debated/fought over what course of action to take.

First, no feeds for seven days treating his condition like medical NEC (the scary intestinal problem), then start feeds using my breast milk, then stop breast milk altogether and administer a PIC line to send calories through an IV, then start feeding him again - this time using a special hypoallergetic formula, then order tests such as a scope and an upper GI to confirm the root of the problem, then cancel those tests because it seemed that the special formula is working. And that is where we are now. He is tolerating the formula well. His abdominal x rays look clear. His #2's are back to normal. His echocardiogram looked fine yesterday. And so TODAY MIGHT BE THE DAY HE RETURNS HOME! Wow.

Aunt Jo has been a HUGE blessing this week. Although we originally anticipated this week needing her to help with both boys at home while Scott started back at work full time, it has turned into her watching Jackson a lot while I visited with Duncan downtown. And she is a busy little bee... cooking, doing laundry, trimming ivy/trees outside - all in the background. She is amazing! Meanwhile, Grandma Lynette has been spending some amazing quality time with Duncan as well. On Wednesday she took a 5 hour shift! What a lucky boy Duncan is!

Enjoy a few pics below from before Duncan's hospital trip...

Grandma Diane and Grandpa Ricci
Angel Holly and Nick with Duncan
The boys underneath a cool entertainment thingy - THANKS PAIGE AND DREW!

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