Wednesday, December 12, 2007

As Promised

OK OK, I admit it. I was having WAY too much fun in Florida to spend time indoors investigating how to upload pictures on to my aunt and uncle's computer. I mean to tell you, the weather in Sarasota, Florida in December is enough to make Mr and Mrs Claus reconsider their accomodations in the North Pole. Plus, the Hills' house just screams, "RELAXATION!" That is, when it's not blaring sensationally soothing Norah Jone and Bonnie Rate tunes from its indoor AND outdoor speakers. They have quite a set-up there.

So, we're back safe and sound. Even Scott has become quite attached to the blogging ritual. Once we buzzed over to Applebees as a family for dinner from the airport, Scott spent some quality time with his son who he swears grew fatter during the week he was away, we lay Jackson down for the night, and I took one look at the massive heap of clothes and baby odds and ends I needed to wash/put away from our trip --- Scott looked at me and said, "Well, ya better upload some of those pictures and put a post on the blog." That sounded better than reorganizing Jackson and my belongings in their appropriate spots.

The promised back-to-back photos of Jackson experiencing firsts both in Ohio and in Florida are below...Talk about extreme opposites.

Here's Jackson man squinting into the moisture of the falling flakes the day we departed (I had to slam a few doors to wake him from his nap just to toss him in this snonwsuit and subsequently in the snow leaving barely enough time to then head off to the airport)

And here we are on the Siesta Key beach. It wasn't the seaweed he disliked as much as it was the chilly ocean water. Brrrrr. Despite the gulfs chilliness, the FL temps were in the low 80s while we were there. NICE.

More on Florida later. I had lots of reflective moments, largely made available by Aunt Jo's babysitting services. And, furthermore, assisted heavily by the beach. What is it about sand, sun, waves, and an occasional sea gull that make the spirit smile and the mind crack wide open? It seemed so wrong, in moments, to have my head bent downward instead of admiring the beauty around me. But it's hard to scribble down all those thoughts jumbling in my head without actually looking at the paper. Besides, the mood was set just as much by the senses of smell, touch, and hearing as much as the actual visuals.

So I started that last paragraph with, "More on Florida later" and then continued to give a couple glimpses of my reflective experiences. But that's what I do. I say I'm not going to talk. And then I do. But, seriously, there is a lot more to discuss, including some great family moments with the Hills. It was a blessing of a trip.

For now, though, munch on these other photos from before we left. A couple are winners and I couldn't hardly pass them by.

And last but not least, this great photo of Fairy Godmother Becky (dressed in her father's Santa suit from when he visited families in December for good cheer!) introducing Old Nick to Jackson, who wasn't so sure about that beard.


devaneygirlstill said...

Welcome back! Love the pictures of Jackson, he is just such a hambone! As smiley as they are made!
I am so happy to hear you had a blessed trip, you certainly deserve it.

Tiffany McCallen said...

Glad to have you back in action. Love reading your blog... it makes me smile on days when I'm dragging, and helps me focus on counting each and every day as a blessing.

Welcome back!

Lepus said...

I think that everyone has made the "MOM THE OCEAN IS COLD!!" face that Jackson made in that picture.