Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dine, Drink, Dream, and David Grey

While I was doing some cookie baking with Becky, KK, Jackson and Bella yesterday morning, Scott got into one of his "modes." What I mean by this is... the man cleaned. He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. When my husband works, he works hard (and the opposite is true as well...). So something lit a fire underneath him while I was gone and magic occurred in our home.

So when I returned, most of the chores that were on my to-do list were already accomplished (what a gift to me, huh?). We spent the afternoon playing with our son, eyeing the beauty of the winter wonderland outside, working on some mini projects, and reading. When dinner time rolled around, I could tell that Scott was experiencing a bit of cabin fever... he gets like this when all the "tasks" are accomplished and there's no other productive use of his time. And these moments are when I get nervous - because you never know what he's gonna come up with. These times are when he gets unpredictable and creative. I could tell he was getting squirmy, exploring ideas of how to spend our evening. Then, self-rejecting each one, one by one. Movie? No. Make dinner together? No. Invite neighbor friends over? No.

Then, he finally seemed to hit on the dream-night, thereby putting his pent up energy to rest: We were to have D, D, & D night. He would pick up a take-n-bake Donatos pizza, booz, and a fire log from Kroger and we would buzz together while dreaming about our futures in front of the fire (hence, Dine, Drink and Dream). So that's what we did. My only role in the night was adding the final "D," busting out a favorite David Grey CD (thanks Theresa!). Down went Jackson (quite effortlessly in fact) and we commenced to have a night of conversation and connectivity as a married couple. God bless Old Crow bourbon and raspberry Schmirnoff! It all began around 6:30 and ended around 11pm. Did I mention that after eating a full Donatos take-n-bake pizza, Scott ordered another Donatos pizza for delivery at 10:30pm? That should explain how much we drank. It was so much fun.

I think the Kroger bagger summed it all up when, upon observing the items Scott purchased, remarked, "Life just doesn't get any better than that, does it?" Scott said he told him, "Nope, it doesn't."

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devaneygirlstill said...

what a night! I love the fact that Scott ordered another pizza, speaks VOLUMES!! hee hee.
You deserve a night to kick back and do nothing but enjoy each other.