Thursday, December 20, 2007

A week of preparations

I have slowly become productive this week. It was a bit of a jolt from the busy task of being unproductive in FL. But I am here to say that:
1) Christmas shopping has been concluded....
THANK YOU NANCY for watching Jackson while I beebopped around town finishing these shopping errands. Below is a photo of those two. What a bond, huh? Nancy's favorite spot in the whole wide world is buried beneath a limp sleeping baby (Jackson is a very willing candidate).
2) Gift wrapping successfully completed...
THANK YOU JACKSON for your assistance... well, mainly in this shot was are practicing the skills of sitting up unassisted (a big week for progress here) and being self-occupied by shiny paper (a skill that will be required for endless hours this Christmas)
and #3) Candy-making all done!
THANK YOU KK, who spent this afternoon in my home with tedious tasks of dipping peanut butter balls and offering moral support. Below you will see her pictured with the fun sparkling champagne she has already purchased for our upcoming New Years celebration. Yippee.

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