Wednesday, February 27, 2008

With my own two eyes

With my own two eyes I saw Barack Obama. I hauled my little patootee to St John Arena this morning (Jackson pawned off on Sabrina, the other nanny Sophia gets watched by - it was SO convenient to drop him off just down the street!) and, after waiting 2 hours for his belated bus to arrive from Cleveland (I guess I should give the guy a break - he did just finish a laborous 90 minute debate late last night in a city 2 1/2 hours north of Ohio State's campus), Barack did not fail to impress during the Columbus rally.

Now, it's no secret that I am a Republican. A few of my dear friends would apologize for me here (Bri Elsmore and Rachel Jacobs, to name a couple... In fact, when Bri and I ran together in college, it was commonplace to find ourselves so wound up in heated political debates during distance runs that we'd end up RACING down State St. with our teammates yelling, "STOP it with the politics!!! We can't keep up!"). Or should I say, I am more a Republican than a Democrat. I am fiscally conservative-minded (thanks, Grandad) yet strangely I take a VERY liberal social position... I say "strangely" because I am one of the most straight-laced chicks I know. So why wouldn't I want for others to join the Straight-Laced Party too? I'd love it if they would, I just do not believe the government is the entity to enforce those decisions.

I guess that makes me kinda independent. But more Republican than Democrat.

So... where was I going with all of this... Oh, yes. I am definitely affected and engaged by the Obama message. I have yet to feel this way about McCain's message. But my philosophy of politics and, furthermore, my observation as to how human-kind works tell me the Republican way of doing things (not the George Bush way of doing things, necessarily) is more sensible. The Democrat way of doing things is what I truly want to work. It's just that I don't find it to be as workable... realistic if you will.

Recap: I love the person of Barack. I love his message of change and hope. I love his authenticity and surprising candor about the dysfunction of politics. I believe in the Republican way of doing business, but disagree with the Republican positions socially. I do not believe the current Republican leadership is fairing well.

So, to conclude the recap, I AM TOTALLY UNDECIDED. I cannot figure out what should be the basis of my vote [By "vote" I mean the Big Daddy vote - the November vote - the one in which I assume Barack will have the Democratic nomination.] [I feel I need to explain the absence of Hillary-talk in this entry. Although I have a rather neutral feeling about Hillary Clinton, my gut tells me she will not win the nomination.]. Should I vote for the PERSON alone... his likability and the trust I have in his character? Should I vote for the ISSUES...and shoot for the candidate whose positions I side more with? Should I vote for the international PEACEkeeper... the one who I think will curb this reputation break-down America is experiencing. Or, I feel shameful admitting this might enter the picture for me, do I vote on the basis of cultural CHANGE... by this I mean not only supporting the progress of electing an African American president, but also supporting the idea that "change" from one party to another is in itself a good thing (the reason I feel ashamed to admit this might play in is because it is not a politically intelligent reason at all to vote for's more rallying around the excitement of social progress -what would someone in the day of the Civil War if he/she knew a dude named Barack had a SERIOUS chance at becoming our nation's leader? - and thinking, "why not let 'the other guys' -aka Democrats -have a swing at the ball? I know, real intelligent thinking, heh?)???

I suppose I needed to do some ironing out after today's rally. Thanks for listening to all my babbling. The debates last night, coupled with this Change Movement so completely mesmerizing Barack-supporters around the country, really have me thinking about my measly little vote. Geez, voting takes responsibility.

In closing, I am sure my views run in contrast to more than just friends Bri and Rachel. Please forgive me if you are offended by where I stand on things, or think me stupid for thinking them in the first place. Love me anyway. I'll love you.


devaneygirlstill said...

Nothing is more fun and heated than a little political banter. This election year is absolutely amazing and it has been very interesting to watch. I am not sure if I will make up my mind until the last day!
Isnt it great to have passion back in it???

Lepus said...

I agree with you on the Barak thing. He's got pretty speeches but I just kind of look at him and think "Really? Its not as easy as you say it is. Lets all 'change' stuff." Then again, I'm going to throw my vote away on Ron Paul, so I don't even count. LOL