Thursday, February 28, 2008

My baby's feet, among other things

My baby's feet, among other things, are incredibly cute. Sometimes I think I don't spend enough time with them. The cute period will only last so long... for they will slowly but surely morph into adult feet, which aren't always so cute. So I have concentrated long and hard on Jackson's feet in recent days. Perhaps I should pick a body part to adore per week. And promise myself, while admiring that particular body part, that I will NEVER forget the size/shape/color/smell/cuteness of it in that very moment, in that very stage.

Perhaps these pics won't stir up the same affection as mine for Jackson's feet. But in the hopes that you will at least get a kick (no pun intended) out of his little pigs, I've included them below.

You may be wondering what the little dude is doing in the way of mobility these days. He's slow to get crawling - but I have a feeling when he receives his Division I Cross Country AND Track scholarships, pace will NOT be an issue (pressure much?). Besides, I'm not gonna complain about the fact that I can make a run for the laundry in the basement and return to his play area to find him in the same relative region of the floor. He's a slipping and a sliding on his belly, but still not the real deal. Makes my life more convenient.
However, as you will see in the below pics, there has been some progress on the all-fours position (as in LAST NIGHT). Daddy and Jackson have spent some diligent quality time in his nursery (Jackson's, not Daddy's) using the advantage of the slipperly-less carpet to obtain this goal: And the other position is also new: "cruising" along surfaces. It's cute.

It's not much, but we about did cartwheels when he performed the all-fours magic. He looks so old :) And so big :) And so about ready to break every sweet little knick-knack in my home :(
I also wanted you to catch a glimpse of the love affair I caught on film. They started off so sweet and innocent... Jackson wrapping his arm around Sophia affectionately yet platonically, like a big brother - then, Sophia returning the same gesture of sisterly love (PICTURES 1 & 2). And here they are just enjoying the appropriate and safe proximity to one another (PICTURE 3). I looked away and when I visually returned to the scene, THIS is what I saw. This progression towards sin... this movement towards the forbidden... an attempt to "lie with" one another (PICTURE 4). I gasped in disbelief. All this time I thought Jackson had a quite convincing childlike innocense about him. I was surely mistaken!!! Ha...

Then, "what have we done?" (PICTURE 5)


Sherri said...

I love the pics...especially the ones of Jackson's feet. You have a great idea about focusing on features that will eventually not be "cute" once they are bigger. I love Brody's wrists or lack there of. And, way to go Jackson! I just love watching the babies learn new things...and he looks so proud of himself!

devaneygirlstill said...

Cute feet, cute man, cute lady... he looks pretty proud of himself up on all fours! (you know most of this is to impress Sophia) Tell Scott his training sessions are truly paying off!
Maybe you will think I am a total perv, but I took pictures of my littles behinds, I couldnt help it, they were so darn cute.