Friday, May 2, 2008

A beautiful day with friends

Yesterday Sophia's grandma was in town, so I was off duty! It feels so weird whenever I don't have Sophia to look after on my typical Tues/Thurs routine.... like "what am i gonna do now!?"

A quick bit on that topic, while I'm thinking of it: Staying home with Jackson this past year has been interesting in that way. In one minute I feel like I have NO IDEA how to fill the time. There seems so much of it. And no urgency. So I find myself piddling it away. And then in the next minute (even more so now that there's a bit of chaos in selling our home, etc), it feels like there's far more to do than there is time to do it. And I'm like a productivity-machine. Time is just a funny little thing. We all have the exact same amount of it. And we all look at it in such different ways, choosing different priorities with which to fill it. Am I the only one who thinks "time" is a tricky little thing?

OK, so I'm back to yesterday.

We got the opportunity to spend some time with Em and Becky at the Replogle home. Jackson is instantly entertained when around other little dudes and dudettes. He LOVED watching Hannah, Kaiya, Cassie, and Charlie (although he wasn't moving much, poor little guy had a fever)... he didn't pay a great deal of attention to Austin. Probably because his Mommy was infatuated enough for the lot with that babe! Ahhhh, babies just get me all warm and fuzzy inside. I LOVED holding that little 8 lb bundle of joy. I told Em and Becky, it's kinda hard to even imagine that Jackson and Duncan were EVER that small. We all agreed that's a common Mamma phenomenon.

Then, I visited with Becky (Smith, that is), since I was so close to Otterbein. Jackson showed off his crawling (correction: dragging) skills on the OC Alumni Office floor. And his "thug" sag look (I think I got a little ambitious in thinking these 12 month shorts would fit him).

Then later in the evening Theresa and her crew visited for dinner, a walk, and play time in the back yard. Almost 3 year old Ellie is pictured below eating a chocolate covered strawberry... she's ALL OVER IT!

It was a beautiful day - both weather wise and friend wise!

Grandma Lynette got this great mini card table for all the grandkids whenever they visit. Jackson, as you can tell, is ecstatic.


Tiffany McCallen said...

What a busy day... and a terrific one at that! I'm envious. You stay-at-home mommies are lucky!

MissRebecca said...

Tricia - it was such a treat to get to see you and Mr. Jackson. He is a trip!!! Just adorable and so engaging. Cassie was quite smitten with him!!!

My Grandma kept going on and about how "adorable" you were and that Jackson was just the cutest!!! I am glad you got to meet her - she is truly an experince!!!

We loved seeing you guys!!! Please let me know when you want to platdate!!

Lepus said...

Jackson look WAY happy with that table.

WAY WAY WAY happy.

devaneygirlstill said...

We had such a great time!! Thanks for the pizza, it was horribly delicious... I ate every bite!
I think when you move, I am going to fly you in every other week or so, just to hang out for a while. Sound good?