Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm wired.

I **THINK** Scott and I just accomplished the most difficult transactions associated with moving (besides the emotional side-effects, which will eventually need tending to... but for the moment I'm not quite there yet).

#1: We THINK we sold our home, for the price we wanted to the buyer we wanted
#2: We THINK we bought another, for the price we wanted, posessing the features we wanted

Does it get much better than that?

This Sat- tonight we spent in Rochester, Minnesota - our future home. We spent two solid days looking at homes, then a half-day writing up paperwork for the offer and counters. Then we splurged, by celebrating at the Mall of America today (in Minneapolis). In the midst of hunting for and finding our dream home there in Rochester, we were in correspondence with the buyer of our home here in Clintonville... we did some re-negotiating after the home inspection. And decided on a purchase price, signed the paperwork, faxed it to all parties - closing that deal too!

Closing date for our home here in Clintonville: June 25
Closing date for our home there in Rochester: June 26

Back to my question, does it get much better than that?

Now, I want to temper my hyper-ness with the reality that our desired home in Rochester has yet to go through an inspection. But it seems in great shape - owners took great pride in their house, as is obvious - so we do not predict any probs.

Jackson had no input on the house in which he will likely spend his early years. But we made a decision on his behalf, as he was busy being loved on by 6 different people in Columbus over the weekend. The guy was given good care by Emily, Liz, Nancy, Katie, Ricci and Diane - how lucky we are to have people in our lives so willing to step in and love Jackson. THANKS!

We feel very fortunate. It all is falling into place nicely. Maybe this transition won't be so tough. But then again, as aforementioned, I haven't quite addresses the emotional aspect of the transition.

But there'll be time for that too.

For now, I'm wired. And stoked. And pumped. And psyched. And picturing what new furniture we need. And where to put it all. And what paint colors might look good where. And what flower beds I'm going to tend to first. And. And. And...


Tiffany McCallen said...

That's great news! Given the current real estate industry, I'd say kismet has bestowed itself upon you. Congrats!

devaneygirlstill said...

Congratulations on your new pad, I am sure it is awesome!
Post pics if you can!
Sending lots of love your way!

Sherri said...

Wow! that is awesome! I hope you are very happy in Minnesota and cannot wait to see pics of the new home.

Lepus said...

That is so AWESOME!

Especially about selling your home for what you wanted.

Too Cool!!!