Friday, May 2, 2008

Not all cheese is created equal

I like to switch up Jackson's breakfast meal frequently... sometimes cheerios, sometimes buttered toast, sometimes baby cereal, sometimes apple sauce and yogurt... I've even introduced cheese toast.

Now, you should know that not all cheese toasts are created equal.

Until this morning, I had been using straight-up cheddar block cheese, which when sliced and melted in the broiler provides a nice coat of grease on top. I'd break the cheese toast into pieces and that grease coat would help the little nuggets of yumminess glide RIGHT down Jackson's throat.

TODAY was halarious, though. I splurged at Kroger this week and purchased the cheddar single squares... this morning, it made for a convenient and fast b-fast prep. Except, we all know that when that stuff melts it becomes very, very, very sticky. It took about an hour for Jackson to get that breakfast down. Because every bite got stuck to the roof of his mouth. So he'd make this surprised face every time. Then scrunch his little nose up in a semi-frustrated, semi-tickled way. Then began his strategies to dislodge what he wanted so badly to taste and consequently swallow: coughing, shaking his head, etc. He was diligent, I gotta give it to him. We finally settled on large gulps of milk after each cheese toast bite - in combination with Jackson's newly acquired fancy tongue work - to get it down.

I may regret this teachable moment in years to come. Sounds an aweful like a lesson in the art of french kissing (you shoulda seen to mastery of control he had over his tongue!).

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Tiffany McCallen said...

Glad my child isn't the only one fascinated with cheese... Noah will eat anything if it's accompanied (smothered) in cheese. :)