Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guarding the Young

I just have to share this quick tidbit about our morning together. Jackson and I went for a long walk (to visit Duncan's tree at the Park of Roses) this morning (which is rare, we usually stay in between wake-up and morning nap) in the brisk air. I'd say it was probably around 8:45 am or so when we happened upon a big, fat, mamma racoon along the Olentangy bike path. She looked like she a) was on the rag and had a VERY bad case of PMS, b) was up WAY past her typical sleep-the-day-away bed time, being nocturnal and all, and as a result was miffed or c) had babies nearby and was glaring at me to send the sugnal, "come one step closer to my youngens and you're DEAD."

So what effect did that protective (and quite mean) "beware" racoon expression have on my mother/animal insticts? I gave her one right back - the "If you even think about putting my little guy in his precious lime-colored umbrella stroller in danger - I don't care if you're protecting your youngens or just having a bad day - you're in for one tough match, lady" look.

Thankfully, neither mother pounced. But we were both on pens and needles, prepared to.


devaneygirlstill said...

Dude, you would SO take that raccoon down! Isnt it amazing how protective you get? From what I have experienced so far... it just gets worse.
Oh, that poor raccoon... she would have been in for the fight of her life... I can only imagine the carnage you would leave...

MissRebecca said...

I love that post - I literally laughed out loud reading it!! Well put!

It was such a joy seeing you today!

Sherri said...

Oh my gosh...this is the funniest post! I can so picture you in the staredown and it just cracks me up!

Lepus said...

Raggin' Raccoon!