Monday, April 28, 2008

Slower by the Year

Let me begin by saying that I really am going to give myself a break. I mean, at least I am still out there giving it my best shot. And that's what counts.

But I swear, I am getting slower by the year!!

I am a runner. Have been since the 6th grade, when Uncle Darrell first started jogging with me in road races now and then. That provoked my involvement in middle school cross country, then track. Before you know it, running is MY SPORT. High school, D3 college team, then half marathons and marathons (ok, ONE marathon).

The Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon (and full marathon) was on Saturday. I have been training with Theresa, who ran it (sort of) with me (she sailed through a full minute faster!). KK and her sister, Marcia, whose goals it is to run a marathon in every state, also made the journey to Louisville this past weekend - except they did the full 26.2!!! I finished that half in 1:54. I was happy to break 2 hrs. But when I went on the results page online to review my previous time (in 2005 - PRE-babies I might add), I was reminded of just how fast I USED to be. That time was 1:42. I checked my pace for both races. I was 1 FULL MINUTE slower per mile on average this year compared to 2005.

Ahh.... that body, level of conditioning, and desire to compete aggressively ARE ALL GONE.

But overall I'm pretty content. I still love running. And it does for me what it always has done for me - offers a therapeutic few minutes each day (ok, 3 times a week) to be alone and yet not alone with all of what the outdoors (or, in the case of the winter-time - of which there will be a longer stretch in ROCHESTER - the gym treadmill surroundings) provide.

The Arthur family all made the trip. We had a pasta party at Aunt Lisa, Uncle Brad, Jess and Drew's house Friday night. Then lots of family visiting on Saturday. And I had the opportunity to visit with Justin, my brother, in Sunday morning. Visiting hours are 8-9am on Sundays. That was a very important time to get a pulse on how he's doing. And, to be brief (a rarity), he's OK.

Thanks to Aunt Lisa and Dad for some FANTASTIC hospitality over the weekend!!! I committed a mother's sin by forgetting my camera over the weekend. I was donated some pictures from the McClain camera. Thank goodness!

Did I mention Aunt Lisa and the kids watch Jackson overnight Fri thru Sat, after I had finished running? What saints they are! They remind me that it's a pleasure for them... and it's a relief to know he's in good hands. So a win-win! Here Jackson is during a journey to a nearby park where they live. He was LOVING the swing. Come to think of it, his FIRST swing experience!

Dolly, the McClain's dog was VERY patient!!!

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