Thursday, April 3, 2008

Catch up #1

I remember when I was TOTALLY into journaling in the 4th or 5th grade. I had that little cheap plastic covered diary that every other elementary school aged girl did (you know, the one with the chinsy lock and key (presumably promising privacy) that a household gerbel could knaw through?) I was TOTALLY into journalistic writing then: all about recording the events of my oh so important life. "Today I dropped my pencil at the pencil sharpener and Jesse told me to hurry up. I think he's the meanest boy in my class!" "After school I went shopping with Grandmom and Grandad for clothes. Tomorrow I'm wearing my new backpack and jeans." I remember feeling TOTALLY under the gun when I forwent my nightly journaling session for more than a week. Frantic, I would scribble down everything in my memory that I had left out during my neglectful period in abbreviated style "Ice cream Monday. New favorite flavor: cookies and cream. Tuesday Girl Scout meeting. Wednesday Heather said I could come to her party. So on and so forth). And I remember sort of apologizing to it. Like, "Sorry I forgot you for a while, diary. I promise to do better."

Well, I've gotten looser with my journal guilt. (Because, I DO still keep one in writing... actually I keep about 4... some habits die hard).

But now I got this dagged blog! Ha. I'm only teasing, really. Rarely to I feel an obligation to it. Rather, it tends to woo me into its addictive and therapeutic picture-loading and updating. Still, I must admit my disbelief in realizing 2 WEEKS have passed. Like in the elementary diary days, lots of catching up to do. But, knowing that as my age increases, my inability to consolidate increases as well, there will be little abbreviation. With this intro, I will now proceed to add several more entries... and I wrote this just for you, blog: "Dear Blog, I'm sorry I waited until now to catch you up on my going-ons. It seems that a lot of activity has happened recently. I promise I'll do better."

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