Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Visual tour of the weekend

"Papa John" visited Thurs thru Sat. Jackson loves his crazy papa.
Then, on Sat, Grandma Lynette had a birthday party (we'll spare what # it was)... we had gifts ready for her, but she brought a gift of her own! Look at this fun addition! It can be ridden, like Jackson is demonstrating, and it also transforms into a pushing thingy. COOL!
Look at that connection!
That same night, Cousin 7 week-old Dillan visited. Jackson had great interest in the beginning, but then started getting fidity, as this pic indicates.
Baby Dillan and Daddy Doug
The pampering BEGINS! So relaxed.

Time for the mini manicure. This pic shows my hair a little better ... shows the natural curl that this shorter do profits from. The back is where you can REALLY see it... Marty got it REALLY short back there. He calls it a "severe" angle from the front to back.

Becky and I - TWINS with our red turtlenecks on. Wish we didn't have to wear turtlenecks in March... but, hey, it's OHIO. Look at Beckt's spectacular eyes!

My new favorite pic of Jackson... he looks like a French artist, pondering his next portrait.

The palm leaf from this past Sunday's worship service had been hanging around our home since Sunday. I decided this morning to finally place it in the trash ( I know, I know, it probably woulda been better placed in the compost pile! Which, I'll have you know, is STILL up and running successfully). Jackson went for it from the trash can (on top, so clean), and I couldn't help but let it slip. Made me think of the kids walking down the aisle (in this case, rolling in a walker) at church waving those branches.


Sherri said...

I love the pics! the hair looks great, of course! AND the pic of Jackson with the beret on is adorable! You can't get much cuter than that!

Tiffany McCallen said...

I love that beret! Jackson is just MADE to wear one. So cute...