Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Chef of the House

~ Happy to be Alive~

I am notorious for choosing carelessness over carefulness. Primarily, this choice is made in a hasty attempt to speed up a task. You'd think I'd learn that, more times than not, the method behind my madness typically backfires and I am forced to redo what I half-a#!ed the first time. I can hear my mother's words in these moments, "Tricia, don't have-a#!"

The dressing and undressing of my child takes more time than I would like it to. So I do it rushedly 100% of the time. I cut corners. Poor Jackson... this sometimes equates to cutting circulation, jostling him back and forth, and - in the case below - attempting to squeze his head through spaces only a lemon would squeeze through (because, as aforementioned, I cut the corner of unbuttoning where I should have). Yesterday he was such a good sport about the chef hat look he was sporting that I just HAD to get a shot of it!

I hope no chef cooking MY food does so with only a diaper and socks half on!

Today marked a special day in my nannying role. I took Sophia and Jackson OUT! Now, I had done so previously - but only through drive thrus... I hadn't taken them both OUT of the car. I had not been apprehensive to journey with Duncan and Jackson before - but then that was also when they slept a ton and didn't require much parenting (for more on "parenting" preview my previous entry). Two 9 months old with wills of their own? Where else to test my abilities of monitoring the babes AND accomplishing a task - then COSTCO! Piece of cake, folks! The COSTCO shopping carts are a DREAM, with four leg holes along the front. Jackson and Sophia sat side by side eyeing their surroundings while I shopped. A few passerby-ers asked about the nature of their relationship. "Twins?" I said, "Kinda. They're born on the same day, but only one of them is mine. " Then I started thinking about the implications of that information (would they think that my husband had an affair and ended up getting another girl pregnant at the same time as me, then had that baby the same day as mine?) So I cleared the air by adding, "I'm nannying the little girl and the little boy is my son." It was a fun adventure. Below you will see Sophia and Jackson playing together and prepped in matching jackets to go out.

And as a finale, here's Jackson's 9 month bear shot. We're now having difficulty letting the bear alone for longer than .2 of a second. This was the best pic I could get!


devaneygirlstill said...

Those buttons are rediculously placed, I second that! As they get older, they have EVEN less patience to be buttoned, dressed, etc.
Do not get me wrong, I love to make them look cute, but I would love a world of cute clothes with nothing but zippers and elastic! Can I get an AMEN???

Tiffany McCallen said...

Tricia, he is rediculously cute. I loved those pictures!

Sherri said...

He is such a cute baby! I love hearing stories about him because the boys are so close in age and what they are learning, AND testing!