Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Pampered Life

This past weekend I felt quite feminine. On Friday, I got my hair cut by a REAL stylist (as opposed to my habit of randomly walking in Supercuts - no slam to the $7.99 cuts at places like that; I've always have decent success... ). For a NEW style with the complexity of my hair, though, I was wanting to find someone who GETS it. Good ole Marty was introduced to me by friends Becky and Nancy. After years of fighting with my hair... wait, I guess it would be better described as "conceding" when it goes in a ponytail EVERY DAY... I finally received some validation by Marty (he had seen me once before for a regular trim), who said, "I booked you for an entire hour since I know your hair is a BEAST." I took that as a compliment, because for so long I just thought I was whiney/lazy about my hair. Other people's hair looked great but mine never seemed to cooperate. They must just spend the time required and I don't/WON'T.

But Marty let me know that I go down in the books for having the most unique caucasian hair he has worked with: DENSE, CURLY, THICK, and INCONSISTENT were the words he described. Yey, send me home with a medal! I know I'm going on and on about this whole hair thing, but you have NO idea how much this helps my self esteem. I mean, I know I am a ridiculously lazy woman, but I really was beginning to think something was wrong with me that I was unwilling to "fix" it daily. Turns out, it's abnormally difficult to work with. So I feel VALIDATED.

Anyway, I love my hair cut. It's not sheek and sophisticated... more cute and spunky. But I guess that's more ME anyway. I think I'm going to give up sophistication for Lent. Oops. We're already in Holy Week. Maybe I'll give it up for the rest of my life. (A short background on this, I feel like I've lived my entire adult life feeling conflicted about how to be an adult... it seems like I have an inner desire to be mature, sophisticated, stylish, professional -all features that seem to describe a REAL woman - but what naturally comes to the surface is this goofy, raggamuffin, raw, foot-in-my-mouth kind of gal. I guess what I'm saying is that I want to be refined, but the reality is that I'm just plain ragged! I know that the topic of HAIR is a silly one for all of this philosophical "how to be an adult in this world" junk to bubble from, but I'm realizing more and more that spunky and cute may even trump sophisticated and sheek. For me, at least.)

So... jump to Sunday and I find myself in Aveda at Easton. My dear friends and I decided it was high time that we take care of our faces. So we learned techniques, first from Aveda and then from Origin, about how to do that very thing. We're talking tea bags on the eye lids, face mask - the WHOLE nine yards. There was even tea to drink and mini manicure offered to boot! I learned quite a bit about my face... from how to clean/moisturize it to how to make it up (back to my ragged-ness, I asked for a VERY basic look). Fun fun. And, if I may get on my soap box for a moment, EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET A FACE LOTION WITH SOME LEVEL OF SPF IN IT. Do it. Now. It's worth whatever you pay.

Thanks for letting me babble about a) being pampered, b) what kind of woman I am, and c) the specifics of my hair texture. Ha.


devaneygirlstill said...

ooohh, aveda, origins... sounds like heaven to me!
Cannot wait to see the new do!
(I have been hooked on Origins for something like five years now and trust me, its worth every penny!)

Shauna said...

I never knew you had hair "issues." But you are so funny! :) I would love for you to post a pic!

Sherri said...

I never knew you had hair issues either...I always thought you looked so cute! I cannot wait to see the new do, I am sure it is adorable or is it spunky?

Joy Strancar said...

We need to see a picture of the new haircut!!

Didn't we just have the "hair" conversation at dinner group?!?! haha.

Tiffany McCallen said...

I LOVE the hair... so cute!!