Monday, April 14, 2008

Jackson's New Cousins

Scott's stepsister, Susan, just gave birth to twin babies Saturday early morning. She gave birth at 34 weeks and a few days - just like I did. So visiting her and the babies yesterday at OSU Hospital's NICU was a strange feeling. Their names are Izzy and Ben. And they are darling. Both are, of course, below desired weights so they will be hanging in the NICU for at least a couple weeks. But they are healthy and doing quite well.

While all the adults went to ooh and aah over the babes in the NICU, Jackson and his big cousin Eli (Susan and Erik's older son) hung out in the room (yes, they WERE supervised). Jackson has major mommy-withdrawal when I take off... that is, UNLESS another child is there to distract him. So he and Eli had a ball together.

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