Friday, April 4, 2008

Catch up #5

We were sent a card a few weeks ago which read, "Don't be early, don't be late, Please come meet us for a date!" (details included about date/time to arrive at Whetstone Park). "Celebrating memories, surrounded by friends, We will be together till the end! Make sure you are hungry, you will be fed, Back to Otterbein we will then head. We can't wait to see you three... Love, The Girls"

My sorority sisters were at it again, I had a feeling. So after returning from North Carolina on Sat night, we were prepared last Sunday afternoon for whatever they had in store for us. We just showed up where we were invited to... and an escort (Tina Mohn) led us through a section of the Park of Roses to where a pack of wonderful women and their families were huddled together. Scott, Jackson and I still didn't know exactly what to expect, but as I began greeting these ladies, I started getting some signals... for starters, I observed what appeared to be a newly planted tree nearby... for finishers - upon looking closer - I saw an engraved stone which read, "Duncan's Tree." A tree for Duncan. That's when I started to tear up. Thank goodness dear Dick (as in Mrs. Becky) Smith was there to hold Jackson, because Scott and I were needing to be close as we prepared for a beautifully pieced together "ceremony." A few gals each read about the meaning, background, sacredness, and natural significance of both trees and stone - that both represent Duncan here at the Park of Roses and each will be there for as long as we all will live. So we're all dripping wet standing there, not from the light drizzle, but from the tears and sniffles. And then, one of my neighborhood and old community service friends from OC, Kat, had arranged for a friend to play the song "Somewhere over the rainbow" on his guitar to conclude the moment. Whew. There's nothing like music to take you to the next emotional level.

I cried all the way through my opportunity to thank everyone on behalf of our entire family, Duncan too. I keep returning to the theme of not being able to return the kindness and love that has been gifted our family. But, then - I believe - that's what makes it so Godly. It is completely selfless and done with no strings attached. I guess that's what unconditional is all about.

Back to Otterbein's campus, we all headed, for a delightful time of fellowship and joyful playing (lots of the girls have babies and toddlers... the room just resonated of new life and energy!).

Thank you, girls, for making that Sunday unforgettable. I am so incredibly lucky to have had you in my OC days and to continue having you in my life! My friend, Tiff, was also present (Sophia's mom). When we talked on the phone the other day, she commented how tickled she was to be invited and how awesome it was to see the neat women in my life. I agree!!! I am lucky.


Shauna said...

Wow! It sounds like everything went just as planned. I'm very sorry that I couldn't be with you that day, but know that all of you were in my thoughts and heart.

aubregary said...

What wonderful friends you have. What they did is beautiful! I can't wait for us to go visit Duncan's Tree!

devaneygirlstill said...

We are so lucky to have you as a friend too! Sunday was wonderful, I look forward to visiting Duncan's Tree and watching it grow and bloom over the years.
Love you guys!

Sherri said...

I am so sorry that I had to miss it! I was so looking forward to it since the day Tina contacted me...I do hope to see you soon though!

Tiffany McCallen said...

What a great day; thanks for letting us honor your family in this way. It meant so much to all of us to be able to do that one, small thing for you.

:) Tif McCallen