Thursday, April 3, 2008

Catch up #3

Tryon, North Carolina. Heard of it?

Neither had we when our friends Paul and Dave Fenner mentioned they had a cabin there to which we were invited. Free cabin in the NC mountains? We said "yes," without skipping a beat. What we didn't know was how a 10 month old at the peak of his abandonment anxiety stage AND a bad cold could add challenge to our little get-away. When we arrived, late last Tues night, it was dark, Jackson had been jolted into consciousness from his sleepy car seat position, and everything about his temporary "cage" (aka pack n play) felt strange. So, you gotta admit, his freak-out that night was warranted (freak-out = screaming at the top of his lungs until he was lulled/rocked to sleep then when carefully placed in his "cage" returning to a state of hysteria screaming at the top of his lungs again). It got better, but we went through a couple days and night of total clinginess and sleeplessness before the improvements.

But enough about Jackson... let's discuss Tryon, Saluda, and Landrum. These three towns were our tromping grounds for the week. Asheville is just a half hour drive from this area (known for the Biltmore mansion among other things), but we fell so in love with the teensy communities, we couldn't leave. We ate southern fried chicken with the fixins and yummy specialty pizza from the one-of-a-kind restaurants nearby, shopped at their darling little gift shops and art galleries, and ooed and awed over the towns' overall "cuteness.

Can't wait to upload fun pics from our time there, but I had to take a lousy 35 mil. camera and need to work out those kinks. So FuN!

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