Friday, April 4, 2008

Catch up #4 (out of order)

So I totally flubbed up. Rewind in your brain to Good Friday. Would you believe that, after having just one week prior been treated to a yummy facial and makeup session at Origin and Aveda (remember that?), my dear friends Nancy and Becky joined me in another FULL facial? It was a total surprise. Total. The two of them were SUPPOSED to visit on Good Friday, join me in worshipping at Worthington Pres' Good Friday service (very meaningful, by the way) and then be on their merry way.

Tricks up their sleeve are their specialty! We concluded what I thought would be our time together by visiting sweet Duncan at his resting place, Union Cemetery. Out of nowhere, Becky produced this beautiful flower bouquet shaped like a darling bunny! Nancy, Becky, and I stood above Duncan's grave holding each other and crying on Good Friday afternoon. With a bouncy, jovial "flower bunny" looking bright eyed up at us. We had to laugh from time to time at its sweet face.

THEN... THEN... as if my day hadn't been awesome enough with my fun friends, they added, "Oh, and by the way, you're joining us to NURTUR (awesome salon and spa) for a facial." What? What about Jackson, who Scott had agreed to watch for a bit while we did our cemetery visit and Good Friday worship. Did he know? Yep... Becky had already been all over it.

So off we went, carefree, to enjoy more pampering. I gotta be careful not to get used to this!!! Nancy and Becky, thank you for my afternoon delight that day. I am so blessed

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