Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching up from the weekend

Quarry Hill is an awesome nature preserve with cool paths and a neat-o learning center for kiddos. We realized, upon committing to the "Creatures of the Night" event last Sunday, that Jackson was FAR too young to appreciate the guided tour, which featured story-tellers in costume and WHOLE LOT OF LISTENING (yeah right). But it was a ton of fun anyway!

In Rochester, the waste management companies are too lazy to provide a yard waste service (which we were spoiled by in Columbus), so taking our leaves to a community compost makes for a weekend family field trip. Moments like these bring back a teensy eensy beensy bit of sorrow for having let go of the mini van. But when when we plopped back into our sporty little Saab after delivering the VERY compressed leaf bags, we lost that sorrow and were thrilled to be driving the peppy thing!

The picture with Scott in front of [just a small section of] the community compost doesn't do it justice. People are entering and exiting by the droves to cut open their bags and dump them here. It's really quite amazing. We're talking the biggest leaf piles you ever done seen. We laughed our heads off about how silly, yet sensible it all seemed.

The next few are at the orchard, where we went with probably our best couple friends, Michael and Heidi. Their girls, Michaela (sp?) and Emily are so darling. We have a ball together.


bb mcclain said...

That Jackson is just too cute for words. You and Scott are a handsome couple too of course. Tristan is going to be a clown and Hailee is dressing up as Hanna Montana (groan).

Lepus said...

Is that an apple or a mini-pumpkin that Jackson is holding so triumphantly?