Thursday, October 30, 2008

Every girl loves to be surprised

Today, I got a call from the office inbetween classes, and the secretary (who I have TOTALLY won over because she's from KY too and who is TOTALLY chummy/girly with me) bubbled over in telling me that I had a flower delivery. The kids who had already arrived in class and overheard me say, "Flowers, FOR ME?" into the phone, went nuts.

"You got flowers, Mrs Arthur? Who do you think they're from? What are they for? Did your husband do something he needed to make up for? Hey, wait... where's your ring (see nect entry on where my ring is)? Are you still married? Are the flowers from your boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend now?" It was quite annoying and quite cute all at the same time.

So my 12 roses sat on display on my desk the rest of the morning and came home with me. I'm looking at them now. My dear husband went gushy and romantically surprised me on our anniversary day. Since we are technically celebrating our anniversary next weekend (more on that later), I was sort of planning on treating today like a normal day. Boy, do I feel badly! I'll make it up to him tonight by taking the family out to Fazoli's. Yeehaaa.


Emily said...

Happy Anniversary Scott and Tricia.
I wish you every happiness.

Lepus said...

Happy Anniversary! Man, that was a fun wedding.

JenniferLWilliams78 said...

Ohhhh! My heart is glowing for you two - you deserve every happiness in the world. Congrats! xoxox