Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat, Tree Planting, and Adopted Mom in Action

My adopted Mom, Becky, came for a visit this weekend. She reminds me a lot of Mom, in that she jumps right into whatever we are doing. So when I called her on last Thursday, the night before she arrived, and asked her to pack any safari tour guide kind of clothing she could dig up, she arrived without disappointing!

Jackson was the cutest giraffe ever. Scott was the most handsome elephant ever. I was a pretty knock-out lion. And Becky was leading the pack in her tour guide attire. We were quite the Motley Crew on Halloween night. (Bare in mind, Scott and my Halloween costumes were purchased only hours before-hand and consisted of those cheap plastic noses. We tried!).

Becky even was a good enough sport to accompany us to a small little Halloween party that night, hosted by Troy and Marie, friends of Scott and mine from his work. The picture with the kids below is the whole bunch. As you can tell, the house was full of energy, as we ate, chatted, and the kids asked every few minutes, "So, again, how many pieces of candy am I allowed to eat tonight???" It was awesome.

We also got the chance to plant Duncan's tree, a dogwood similar to the one planted by my girlfriends in Columbus at the Park of Roses. It was a GORGEOUS day here on Saturday, and Becky was such a spirited contribution to the whole process. We blew bubbles and sprinkled fun rose petals (with Becky's inspiration) as we silently dedicated the tree. It was really nice.
I will spare you the long list of REALLY GREAT things that got done in and around our home with Super Becky in action. Let's just say that when I puled in the driveway from work Monday (she didn't fly out that morning till 12:30, so she had the morning on her own in our house), Becky was outside raking leaves and when I entered the house, it felt like a cleaning lady had been through. There's the phrase "outstaying your welcome." With those kind of selfless services, Becky can outstay her welcome whenever she wants to! Ha.

Below is a smorgasboard (sp?) of pics from the weekend. Good times.


Emily said...

Hey did you guys make it to the Bison place???? I know you take all your guests there.
That last picture of Becky and Jackson is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen. Its a blow up and frame and give as a Christmas gift sweet!
SO glad you had a great time and you guys look adorable.
I am SO SO happy that there is a Duncan tree in Minnesota too! Do you want another plaque? It could be done in the snap of a the fingers. Just let me know!
Love you.

Sherri said...

Could Jackson be any cuter? And what a nice visit with Becky, she is so sweet. You all are very lucky to have one another. And thanks for the comment on my blog...I appreciate it.

Tiffany McCallen said...

That is one adorable giraffe!