Wednesday, November 5, 2008


...and a kicking and a kicking. Somebody is a little ramunctious tonight. It's SESAME! Sesame is our in-utero name for the soccer pro inside me. We got it from a description in week like 5 or 6 of the size of the fetus being that of a "sesame seed."

Do you think the hyper nature of Sesame tonight could be the result of the left-over-Halloween-candy-sugar-rush I am feeding him/her?

Wait. Hold the train. That reminds me... Have I mentioned that during the ultra sound last week, Scott and I asked to NOT know the gender? And that we (or rather "I" as the next sentence details) did an ultra-disciplinary job of looking away when the technician told us she was going "down there?" And that Scott claims he "SAW SOMETHING" during a mini peak session? Hmmm. Clearly, still no guarantees (who is my husband now, DR. Arthur?). But let's just say Scott feels confident enough that he's been focusing his name-hunting efforts on the "BOY'S" lists. We'll find out on the day of delivery if Scott's siting was accurate! The anticipation is great, ain't it?


Emily said...

THAT IS WONDERFUL! A future soccer player OR a Rockette!
Tell Scott congrats on his medical liscence! Good for him.
The day of delivery will be WONDERFUL!!!! Not knowing is truly fun and coming from one of the MOST impatient people in the entire world...its SO FREAKING WORTH IT!
Love you all!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I'm so excited for you, Tricia! My little sweet pea is climbing the walls in there, too, and I agree it is the most awesome feeling in the world (I'm 29 weeks along). How brave and disciplined of you not to find out the gender! Congrats!

MissRebecca said...

I love thta!!!! I swear - a woman can be pregnant a million times and it would never get old - I swear it is proof that God does exist!!!

Enjoy your little soccer player/rockette!!!

MissRebecca said...

And a huge congrats to Scott!!!