Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Half Way There!

20 weeks pregnant today.

"Sesame" is half way cooked!

I love him/her so much.

Tonight when I was rocking with Jackson right before laying him down, we were snuggling so closely that Sesame's kicking HAD to be penetrating into Jackson's side. If he weren't SO EXHAUSTED, he may have actually noticed (note: tiredness due not only to a short afternoon nap but also to Family Night at House of Bounce, a new when-winter-is-making-you-stir-crazy option here in Rochester which involves LOTS of inflatables...).

Can you believe Jackson is gonna have a sibling? It still doesn't seem real. As I told KK today, I am practicing with Jackson on the task of holding his mother's hand (without protest or handcuffs necessary) when walking from the car to a store or across the street or in a parking lot, instead of just hauling him around on my hip (the more convenient time-wise way yet more physically inconvenient way.) Cuz when I have an infant carrier in the crook of one elbow, I'd imagine Jackson is gonna be walking on his own two feet if we're going anywhere out and about!


MissRebecca said...

Oooohhhh - the hand holding are so smart for starting that NOW> I still have issues with Kaiya when I am holding Cassie, who can walk well now.... but she is the worst flight risk!! Ideally they would both hold my hands....but ahhhh NO. I hope he masters it - you have time and you are so smart to be working on it now.... I did not think that far ahead:)

I now know why they envented child leashes!!! I now am considering it:]

Congrats on the 20 week mark!!!

Emily said...

Yeah!! 20 weeks is wonderful, I am going to have to request another belly picture soon.
Cannot wait for your beautiful bundle and I think Jackson will make a fabulous big brother!!
Love you guys!

Tiffany McCallen said...

My goodness the time is just flying! Have a wonderful second half...