Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day in West Bend

Scott and I spent our second turkey day away from our own immediate families yesterday (his first was when he was in Europe - my first was during my Peace Corp stint). Since we already celebrated an early Thanksgiving in Ohio in October (cheaper flights then), this year we packed the car and headed to West Bend, WI where Scott's aunt lives.

It was YUMMY. Thank you Tolly, Steve, Jenn, Jim, Brad, Bailey, Sadie, and Sequel for some GREAT memories. We did NOT leave the house all day (with the exception of Scott and Steve picking up a movie - Tropic Thunder - do NOT recommend it :). Otherwise, we talked, cooked, ate, read, napped, drank, talked, ate, played cards, ate, and then ultimately slept. Great day.


Emily said...

So glad you had a great time! I have a favor, would you do a post about the peace corp? Would love to hear about it!
Love you!

Lepus said...

You didn't like Tropic Thunder? I thought it was funny. O well, looks like you guys had fun.

nancye said...

Hi Tricia, Scott and Jackson,

Love the pictures especially the one of Jackson with the hat on(looks like the one Papa John wears). Glad you all had a nice holiday but it is back to reality tomorrow.

Talk soon,