Monday, November 10, 2008

Imagine this:

My husband retracing his steps through Hyvee (comparable to Kroger here in MN) last night in an effort to reclaim a coupon he dropped.

So cute.

I had purchased the WAY-generic diapers the last time I picked them up, and the darn things ripped like crazy and the tabs lost their sticky tabs and the whole thing was a mess. So I spent some tedious time reporting this dissatisfaction to their customer service line (expecting to get a couple packs free, mind you), only to be offered a $2 off coupon in the mail. Whoopdeedoo.

So when Scott volunteered last night to go grocery shopping for me (LOVE HIM FOR THAT!), I was thrilled to accompany my list with that diaper coupon along with one for a free bottle of Kraft dressing (nearly $3!). I was so proud of myself for saving our family almost 5 buckaroonees!

He came home giggling at himself, reporting that about 3/4 of the way through the grocery trip, he realized the coupons in his hand were missing. The typical Scott- in an effort to get the job DONE and get it done QUICKLY - would have let it go and proceeded with the task at hand without thinking twice about it. But, knowing how the diaper debocle had become a matter of principle to me and how excited I was to get a free bottle of dressing, he retraced his steps, head down, combing each of the previous aisles he had been down. He probably let out a victorious yelp when he found them, all the while thinking how funny it would be to tell me.

Good husband award for yesterday, earned by Scott Gibson Arthur.


Emily said...

Tis a gift to be thrifty...

Sherri said...

WTG Scotty! 5 Bucks is 5 bucks...and I love to know that I saved money at the grocery store.

bb mcclain said...

That reminds me....of me!

Tessa said...

Hi there, I am one of Beth's friends and I love to read your blog! I hope you remember me (even though we have never met)! Anyway, I have "tagged" you and you can stop by my blog at to check out the rules. I hope you play along! If you read my 7 random things, you will discover that I can totally relate to your fondness for coupons. :)