Friday, November 14, 2008


I had been told by a slew of folks back in Ohio who originally were from or visited frequently to Minnesota that I would be delightfully surprised at how much more sunny and blue-skied the winters in Minnesota were compared to those in OH.

So I got myself all pumped up, thinking: "I can handle this! I've always said, sunny is just as if not MORE important than warm. Sunny skies, HERE WE COME!"

The past two weeks, grey, overcast, dreary skies have been Mother Nature's choice here in Rochester. I was just beginning to think that those encouraging words from folks back in Ohio were just hollow warm-fuzzies to keep my psychi positive.

But in the past two days, I have found that the Minnesotans around here have begun complaining and griping and seem all-out TICKED about the grey-ness. Ahhhh. I find this to be VERY comforting. Complaints = Hope, as far as I'm concerned! It's convincing evidence that, although I am intimately familiar with several, several days in a row of drear (got trained well in Cleveland and Columbus), Minnesotans are NOT. And they want their skies back.

Thank you, Minnesotans for vocalizing your impatience with Mother Nature. My hope is restored.


Emily said...

May shining skies be on there way!!
You deserve the sun on your face. Wearing SPF OF COURSE!

Lepus said...

Pretend you are in England. Make scones, drink tea and say " 'Ello, Guvnah" a lot.