Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where to put it all?

EVERY year a new round of gifts enter our home around this time and I can guarantee that the volume of these new additions far exceeds the volume of the items that get packed up to Good Will within a year's time. So that leads to only one possible resulting reality: we keep adding to what we've got.

It was challenging enough to find a smart place for all of Scott and my new fun toys each year. Now add a toddler to the mix. Ha! The kid's possessions were quite strategically "tetris"-ed into our Saab on the way home and when we safely arrived in our driveway, opening one car door was like turning the final crank on the Jack-in-the-box: EXPLOSION!

I spent most of Sunday afternoon through today organizing...and I am happy to say that everything has a home.

Did I mention another child is coming in April?

How did Neanderthals do it with only one cave and no Goodwill?

(P.S. I am most obviously a) exxagerating and b) attempting to be witty and funny so loved ones, please do not take this entry in any way as a complaint about all of the blessed giving! We are so appreciative!)

P.S.S. Much much more in the way of pictures to come.


Emily said...

you are witty! The "stuff" quest will only get worse...I love you so I am telling you the truth...

Tiffany McCallen said...

I am struggling too. Have any good ideas? :)