Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Girls just want to have fun

What a delicious weekend I just had. The group of girlfriends known as "The Girlfriends Club" entered my life as a collective entity in 2002 (i think?). I remember the first "retreat" happening during a very melancholy and confusing time (some, including me, call it the "Quarterlife Crisis" - so does John Mayer in one of his songs!). That three-day retreat filled my cup back up in ways I didn't even realize until months, even years after.

It amazes me that although I enter into these Girlfriends Club Retreats in different personal places, I always come out feeling the same: filled up. Jackson and I arrived Friday night and stayed till Monday. Grandma Lynette took the testosterone (Jackson) out of the mix on Saturday afternoon so that it could be "just girls" from there on. We met in Circleville, as we often do, in Carey's amazing home.

Thank you Becky, KK, Carey, Beth (and Delaney, Beth's newest baby girl addition) for always filling me up. You are forever friends, without whom I'd be far less of a woman.

If Jackson's moments with Delaney are any sign of what kind of big brother he'll be, we're looking at one curious, affectionate, in-your-face sibling. (but he showed only a very small sign of jealousy, which is good!). Thanks, Delaney, for giving Jackson a head's up for what's in store!

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Emily said...

Your Girlfriends Group is fantastic, you are all such amazing people.
I am so happy for you that you all got to have a full reunion.
Lots of love,