Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Louisville stand-outs, bool club, CA, and marriage

I should clarify from my last entry that I didn't know GOING IN to last Wed that anyone I knew could potentially be trying out for American Idol. I was just HOPEFUL. I went to a high school with a Youth Performing Arts program that knocked the socks off of any local school. For this reason, I just assumed some aspiring artist from little ole Louisville would hit it big time. But I my hopes were dashed. No such luck! I did see someone from Columbus, OH dancing like a mad man. It was not pretty.

So I started a book club. YEY. Last Thurs was our first meeting - just to organize. We giggled and got to know each other. What a fun bunch of ladies! Isn't a group of women a powerful force. I'm gonna harness that kind of energy one day and turn it into a perfume fragrance. I'll be the next bagillionaire. The club will be picking its first selected reading next week. Anybody got any ideas?

Also big: I'm going to CA this weekend. Me and my 31 week pregnant self are going to sunny LA to have a little vaca with my hubby. He'll be working and I guess I'll find something to do with my time while he's making millions for Mayo. 68 degree weather? Heated pool? Lots of pleasure reading? Lots of journaling? Lots of ME time? I think I'll find a way to survive without him. But there will be great moments together when Scott's free too... like bonding with some of our long lost friends who live there: Phil Verhoff (Scott and Phil were inseparable when they lived in Cleveland... Phil educated himself at Case Western and subsequently found himself residence-ing in LA... he's a brilliant doctor), Sam and Amber Jaeger (Sam is a buddy of Scott's from OC days who dreamed big to make it amongst the Hollywood dreamers... and he did! He was 2nd leading man on the hit show Eli Stone... at least it was a hit in my book... but ABC just took it off the air. Darn them!), and Shad Hart (another of Scott's college friends who is SUCH a good friend... he is the BEST at long, real conversations and that's exactly what we'll do after he picks me up from the airport in the midst of LA rush hour traffic... Scott has already left and I leave tomorrow). So, as I'm sure is coming across loud and clear, I'M PUMPED!

Did I mention Jackson's staying behind? Sitter Cassie, who has faithfully committed to add Jackson into her family plans for the long weekend, is our lifesaver for this trip. I'm already a BIT droopy thinking about going away without him. But - believe me - my droopiness is MORE than compensated for by ENDORPHINS at thinking of hours on end of free time! Yippee!

Lastly, I have been sharing this with people for awhile now. So I'm just going to get it out there... I want to be able to marry people. I'm not interested in committing to a Masters of Divinity (YET, anyway... ). But, according to Joey's (on Friends) path to marriage licensing, there are more informal routes. I still have yet to research the stipulations individual states have in place, but it appears that becoming "ordained" and capable of marrying a couple is as easy as 1, 2, 3 on the internet. More to come on this. I clearly am at the VERY beginning of my research. Like so many other things...

It's been a random entry. But that's the beauty of blogging.


Lisa said...

Don't let Jess see you say YPAS knocks the socks off all local schools.

Emily said...

Tricia, make me proud... wear a two peice.
Even if its chilly wear it somewhere and show off that beautiful belly!
Love you and travel safe, I know you will have an amazing time.

Joy Strancar said...

Was the dancing mad man from Columbus the big guy with the "Patrick" T-shirt dancing to BillyJean?? If so, that was Patrick from WNCI Morning Zoo. They've been doing this bit for the last couple seasons trying to get Patrick on Idol :)
I hope you are doing well :) Talk soon :)

bb mcclain said...

I think a good book would be "The Secret Life of Bees". Well...I liked it anyway.

Isn't the Masters of Divinity final exam walking on water?

There's a guy I work with who is able to marry couples and he was enabled to do this through the internet.

Have fun in LA!

rnstivers said...

Enjoy your vac in LA! Wow, that sounds like fun!